AC Davis High School: CCAN "Aspiring Navigators" Prevention Club

“Navigating to a Better Future, and a Better You…”

C.C.A.N. Is a student lead organization whose purpose is to stand up with, and to be the voice of strength for, students challenged by bad influences in their lives. C.C.A.N. Creates a network of positive friendships in a safe and caring environment, while preventing and raising awareness of teen suicide, substance abuse, bullying, and more. Parents and teachers contribute to C.C.A.N., by supporting the positive community changes through C.C.A.N. projects, and thus helping to pave the way for a better future for all Davis students.

For Students & Teens


At Davis we C.C.A.N. make a difference. Learn how to get involved with information about club meetings and dates as well as resources, facts and hotlines.

For Parents & Community Members


At Davis we C.C.A.N. make a difference with your help. Learn more with tips for talking with your teen, resources, facts and more.



Frequently asked questions about our Prevention Club.



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